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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Vortex Media Group (VMG).

From its inception, VMG's mission has been to provide the best of design and content to automobile enthusiasts across the globe in a package that is unique to the world of automotive media.

Web vs traditional media

This approach provides an unparalleled ability for the advertiser. Rather than passively reading about products or services offered, a reader can take immediate action and ‘click through’ to an advertiser's own website – here the reader can potentially have access to the advertising companies entire offerings.

Advertisements themselves are extremely flexible. Any company advertising on one of our internet publications has the ability change their advertisements monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or more. Fresh ads are proven to draw web traffic, and unlike print and broadcast media, each VMG advertiser has the ability to upload new banners whenever they wish, with virtually little to no lead time.

Our traffic

Also unlike traditional or print media, traffic through internet advertisement is immediately trackable. Internet publications by VMG have been active for over 12 years and average over 2.1M unique visitors, 4.9M page visits, and 31.2M page impressions every 30 days from readers in over 50 countries. Over 6.2 TB of data is distributed from our servers each month, and there was an increase of 21% in visitors in 2012 alone.

Direct interaction with our readers

One of the most important features that VMG offers is our interactive forums. By utilizing a VMG discussion forum, VMG advertisers have the opportunity to interact directly with our readers. Some advertisers use this aspect of our internet publications to promote products, gauge demand, or simply to enhance their reputation and respect among their customer base.


VMG offers a wide array of potential advertising opportunities to fit any budget. Here is a simplified break-down of each of our levels of advertising and sponsorship.

Front Page – by far, the most comprehensive and best way to maximize your exposure Banner Advertising – reaching all VMG users & maintaining a personal presence Discussion Forum Sponsor – focusing attention on your select market Dedicated/Customized Advertiser Forum or Event Forum – customized to your audience Full Classified Forum Advertising – for the smaller business Partial Classified Forum Advertising – for the start-up or individual seller PM Sponsor – targeting all users who send/receive messages

Thank you

VMG provides the best resource for all things Volkswagen, Audi, and Volvo. Our extensive relationships with manufacturers and aftermarket providers enable us to deliver unrivaled coverage of all the brands represented among our various titles.

At Vortex Media Group, we are very excited about the future. VMG is constantly expanding and improving upon our existing titles, and will consistently add new titles that coveer some of the hottest automotive segments and brands on the market. Each of these unique websites brings a new and varied demographic of auto enthusiast that further diversifies our readership and brings our advertisers the best possible mix potential customer. Further, our brand-oriented presentation offers some of the most targeted advertising outlets in the auto industry today.

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